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Medicaid Planning/Crisis

Is your loved one facing a long-term care stay? Do they need to qualify for financial assistance to pay for their long-term stay? The decision to move a family member or a loved one into a nursing home is one of the most difficult decisions you can make. With the national average cost of nursing home care at $75,000 per year, for many, the most difficult task is determining how to pay for it without going broke! Understanding the process of qualifying for Medicaid can be an exhausting ordeal. The Medicaid rules and regulations change frequently and are complicated to say the least! One of the primary concerns we hear from families is that they are afraid that qualifying for Medicaid will leave them virtually penniless. In our FREE Consumer’s Guide to Medicaid Planning and Division of Assets some of the questions we answer from worried families just like you are:

    • Will I lose my home?
    • Can I keep any of my income?
    • Is it possible to reduce (or even eliminate) my nursing home bills?
    • My loved one is already in a nursing home. Is it too late to qualify for benefits?

This Guide is designed to provide you with the answers to these questions and provide a number of strategies to help you navigate the complex Medicaid system and avoid making costly and devastating mistakes. This Guide will provide you with time and money-saving information you need know now!

    • What your options are for paying for Nursing Home Care
    • What the differences are between Medicare and Medicaid
    • How gifting assets and money to your children can disqualify you from Medicaid… unless it is done correctly
    • How you might be able to qualify for Medicaid without spending down your assets
    • The common misunderstandings and mistakes families make and how to avoid them!

This report was created to help families understand, manage and prepare for a long-term illness and navigate the complex area of Medicaid. Learn what options are available and which steps you should be taking right now to qualify for Medicaid without selling your home or becoming penniless. Be sure to order your free copy now!

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You will also receive FREE instant access to our members only online resource area on our website, which includes the Nursing Home, Assisted Living Guide and Hospice Care, an invaluable resource for families in search of the right care facility for their loved one.

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